Friday Favorites

Here comes July!! Happy early 4th, everyone!  Here are some favorites from June…

  • Post App: This Social Print Studio app allows you to send a photo postcard for just $1.99.  You select the template, insert your photo, write a message, and then they print and send for you!  It’s such an affordable and fun way to send pics to family members.  Lately, I’ve been using this app to write thank you cards to my grandparents.  They love the all-in-one card and photo aspect of it.

  • Gathre Mat: This was my Mother’s Day gift!  The play mats are made from bonded leather, and they are wipeable, waterproof, and compact. They come in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes.  They’re great for the beach, at the park, in the yard, or in the house. It’s one of those items that is worth the money because we will have it forever and I’m sure we’ll find more uses for it than we even know right now.

  • Land of Nod U.S. Map: Liv’s a bit too young for this puzzle but I have my eye on it for when she’s old enough.  I had a U.S. puzzle growing up that I loved, so I’m drawn to this one.
  • Amazon Prime Pantry: We’ve always been a fan of Amazon Prime, and Subscribe & Save.  I love eliminating any trip to the store so Amazon is a hit in our house.  Since we’ve had Jack I’ve been using Prime Pantry for small items that I can’t get out our grocery store (Trader Joe’s).  There’s always a deal and it arrives in great time!

Happy July!

9 Must-Haves for the First Week With a Newborn

There are several products that have helped us survive this first week home with Jack.  If you haven’t already, head to my last post — Week One with Jack + Newborn Care Tips to catch some tips on managing the family + home during the first week home with a newborn.

  • Medela Slimming Nursing Cami: This cami is comfortable and supportive with removable pads.  I’ve been wearing them every day, all day so far.  I love that it’s form-fitting, providing extra core support.
  • Chambray Boyfriend Button-Down: If you make it out of the house, a good button-up is crucial since it can be easily thrown on, and allows for easy access when breastfeeding.

  • Jersey Robe: You’re probably noticing a trend — comfort.  Being comfortable really makes a difference during such a tiring time.  With a baby on you pretty much constantly, it’s nice to have clothing that can be layered — put on and taken off easily when needed.  Plus, it’s perfect for breastfeeding.
  • Bamboobies Breastmilk Pads: When your milk comes in, you’ll most likely need these to soak up the extra milk flow!
  • Boppy Nursing Pillow: During that first week you may feel like all you did was feed the baby, so it’s important to be comfortable in the position.  The pillow helps elevate the baby, giving some relief to your back and shoulders.
  • Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: This swaddle worked wonders with Olivia and so far, Jack is loving them too.  After his last feeding of the night we wrap him in the swaddle and he sleeps like a champ. 
  • Solly Baby Wrap: This wrap is lightweight, soft, and provides great support for the baby.  It comes in many different styles!  Oftentimes, Jack just wants to be held so the wrap allows me to comfort him while both hands are free to get things done around the house and help Olivia.
  • Convertible Gowns: These are great for nighttime diaper changes so you can easily access the diapers from the bottom.
  • Rock-n-Play Sleeper: Just like the swaddle, this sleeper was perfect for Olivia and so far, Jack.  The inclined position keeps their legs tucked, similar to the womb.  It has plenty of room for them to grow.  It has comfortable cushions that can be easily removed to clean.  The sleeper rocks back and forth smoothly.  Also, it’s portable making it easy to move around the house and travel with. Anyone have favorite products that got them through the first couple weeks with a newborn?  Please share!

Week One with Jack + Newborn Care Tips

Baby Jack has been here for O N E week, and I can’t be happier with his progress.  He’s eating like a champ, sleeping well, and I’m soaking up all the sweet newborn snuggles.  The newborn phase seems even sweeter this time around, probably because I’m more comfortable, and it all comes a little more naturally.  My recovery and breastfeeding has both kicked off a lot quicker this time.  Such a relief!

Olivia has been doing really well considering such a big change.  She’s been our little baby for two years and now she no longer seems like such a baby.  It’s truly a little heartbreaking — so bittersweet.  She’s always been fascinated with babies.  When we first introduced her to baby Jack in the hospital, it was incredibly heartwarming.  She ran right in the room yelling, “Baby Jack!” and looking all over for him.  She was busy taking him in, counting his toes, and laying his blanket around him.  Later that night, she called from my parents house to FaceTime him and blew him a kiss goodnight.  Such a sweet moment.  We were amazed that she was so aware that we were with her new brother.

Since we’ve been home, Olivia has continued to have sweet moments with some moments of frustration.  She’ll ask to see him, or help change his diaper, and then tickle his face with an added little poke.  She’s also been more sensitive so we are extra mindful in how we care for her. It’s nothing we didn’t expect and it will take time.  I’m looking forward to when I can spend one-on-one time with her but right now, it’s too difficult with a newborn so close.

Here are some things that have helped this week go smoothly…

  • Teamwork: Peter and I have worked as a team managing both the kids.  He has primarily handled Olivia, while I’ve cared for Jack.  It’s important to communicate your needs and what you’d like/need from one another.  This can be such a tiring time so clearly communicating your needs will help the flow of the week.
  • Support from Family + Friends: We are so lucky to have such supportive friends bring us food and generous gifts for both Olivia and Jack. We’ve spaced out our visitors so that we are comfortable each day.
  • Meals: Like I said, we’ve been lucky to have supportive friends bringing us meals.  But it’s also helpful to have prepared food in the freezer.  If you missed my recent post, Bringing Home Baby Recipes, check it out!  They include recipes that are freezer-friendly, easy to make, healthy, and will feed the family for multiple meals.
  • Light Laundry Loads: I can’t tell you how many times Jack has peed on himself, soaking his clothes each time we change his diaper.  Changing boys is a little different than girls!  With that said, we’ve had a lot of laundry.  It’s helpful to put in a small load of laundry each day.  Then it doesn’t seem overwhelming when it’s time to fold and put away.
  • Accepting Help or Hire Help: Being open to help from others is a great way to catch a break.  This is particularly great for the older kids.  Keeping them active and doing what they love will entertain them and give you a break.  We’ve had friends take Olivia to the park and playdates.  Jump on the opportunity!  Also, consider hiring help — mother’s helpers, babysitters, cleaning ladies…
  • Favorite Advice: Whichever phase you are in, it will pass.  If you’re completely rundown from a fussy baby, or he’s not sleeping, or all you feel like is one big feeding machine — it will pass.  Just hang on!