Road Trips with Toddlers

We’re heading to Massachusetts next week so we’ll be in the car for several hours.  I’ve rounded up some ideas for entertaining my toddler that are affordable and quick to create…

Going from One to Two Kids

Jack has been with us one month already, and so far we have survived!  Thankfully, the second time around seems a bit more natural with a smoother transition.  There are plenty of similarities when welcoming your second child compared to your first, along with many differences so I...Read More »

9 Must-Haves for the First Week With a Newborn

There are several products that have helped us survive this first week home with Jack.  If you haven’t already, head to my last post — Week One with Jack + Newborn Care Tips to catch some tips on managing the family + home during the first week home with a...Read More »

Week One with Jack + Newborn Care Tips

Baby Jack has been here for O N E week, and I can’t be happier with his progress.  He’s eating like a champ, sleeping well, and I’m soaking up all the sweet newborn snuggles.  The newborn phase seems even sweeter this time around, probably because I’m more comfortable, and...Read More »

Potty Training Journey

Potty training is not fun, takes time, and is a total trial-and-error experience.  What works for one person might be the total opposite for another.  Here’s what worked for us, so you can consider it in your own experience…

  • Begin by Talking + Showing: Expose your child to the potty and talk...Read More »

5 Ways to Prepare Children for a New Sibling

One of the most frequent questions I’ve received lately has been whether or not Olivia is ready for a sibling, and how we’re preparing her for the big arrival.  I’m certainly all for the prep, and making the transition as smooth as possible, so there are ways that we have...Read More »

[Simplifying Life, Part II] Managing Kid's Toys

If you missed my post on Simplifying Life which has a focus on doing less + having less, check it out here! This is part II in the series and it’s all about toys!  Toys can easily take over and consume our homes if we allow it.  I...Read More »

Affordable + Practical Toddler Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can easily rack up money, especially when you’re buying for more than one child.  I wanted to be practical while creating Olivia’s basket this year so I considered a few things. But let me begin by saying her basket is huge.  I know, I know.  I ordered it...Read More »

Springtime Activities for the Family

There is so much to love about spring, and there are endless amounts of activities offered throughout the city.  Here are some of our favorites, which happen to be free, require minimal effort and keep us active — pretty darn perfect in my book!  With the craziness of life, it’s...Read More »

Simplifying Life

I’ve come across a lot of people seeking simplicity in their life lately and seen various books/articles on the topic in passing. Here is one article that I came across multiple times and recommend — becomingminimalist. 

We live in a fast-paced world, and it’s easy to get caught up...Read More »

Organizing Kids' Spaces

Kid’s spaces can quickly turn into an overwhelming mess. Here are some helpful ways to organize and maintain their space…

  • Build Routine: Build a routine for the kids to pick up the space at the same time every day – before naptime, after dinner, before bedtime. This will get...Read More »

Teaching Kids to be Organized

Organizing isn’t something that just comes to us; we learn and practice it. Therefore, it should be something that we teach our kids. Developing our children’s organizing skills will also benefit us! Over time, what we’re teaching them will become a habit and may ease daily stressors in our...Read More »