Smoothie Project

Smoothies are a great way to kickstart the day or enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up.  I’ve always loved drinking smoothies but I didn’t enjoy the process of making or cleaning them up.

I was inspired by Weelicious’ Smoothie Project to begin drinking them regularly, and it was through...Read More »

Bringing Home Baby Recipes

It was such a relief to have hearty meals already whipped up that we took from the freezer and popped in the oven when we first brought Olivia home.  Feeding myself was often the last thing on my mind, so having meals ready was so helpful.  It’s important that you’re...Read More »

Designing a Nursery for Two

It’s usually the intention when designing a nursery to create a calm space, which is why it’s always one of my favorite spaces.  It’s a challenge to organize a nursery in itself, so creating one for two kids can be even more challenging.  Babies accumulate a lot of stuff early on...Read More »

[Simplifying Life, Part II] Managing Kid's Toys

If you missed my post on Simplifying Life which has a focus on doing less + having less, check it out here! This is part II in the series and it’s all about toys!  Toys can easily take over and consume our homes if we allow it.  I...Read More »

Yogurt Bark

Here’s another healthy + super simple snack!  You can be creative and use a variety of ingredients.  All you need is yogurt and whatever ingredients you’d like to mix in.  It’s quick, quick, quick.

Yogurt Bark


  • Chobani Strawberry Yogurt
  • Sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries


  1. Lay wax paper on a cookie...Read More »

Add A Little Crunch: Granola

We eat yogurt on the regular in our household so granola is a nice crunchy touch.  It adds a little carbs, a little fat, a little fruit, and a little protein.  You can tweak this recipe any way you’d like — perhaps adding dried fruit, some peanut butter, or...Read More »

Fruit + Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

Popsicles for breakfast? SURE!  These are going to be perfect this summer when the heat is no joke.  If you saw my last post — Affordable + Practical Toddler Easter Baskets, then you’ll recognize these ice pop sticks.  I put a few in Liv’s Easter basket this year...Read More »

Affordable + Practical Toddler Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can easily rack up money, especially when you’re buying for more than one child.  I wanted to be practical while creating Olivia’s basket this year so I considered a few things. But let me begin by saying her basket is huge.  I know, I know.  I ordered it...Read More »

No-Bake Energy Bites

These Energy Bites seem to be all the rage lately so I knew I had to give them a try, and they did not disappoint!  I couldn’t stop eating spoonfuls as I was mixing. They’re that good!

This is another quick recipe.  Surprise, surprise.  You just stir all ingredients together,...Read More »

Simplifying Life

I’ve come across a lot of people seeking simplicity in their life lately and seen various books/articles on the topic in passing. Here is one article that I came across multiple times and recommend — becomingminimalist. 

We live in a fast-paced world, and it’s easy to get caught up...Read More »

Springin' It Up!

Nesting has certainly amplified my spring-cleaning game over here. There are so many ways to prepare the house for spring and the list could go on and on. So instead of sharing everything you could do, I’m just going to share ways that I spring it up in...Read More »

Spring Berry Galette

Oh man do I love eating these in the spring + summer!  They’re delicious any time of day and they have fruit so we can eat it for breakfast, right?!  You can load them up with any fruit but my go-to includes a variety of berries since we’re always stocked.  I...Read More »

Third Trimester + Welcoming a New Baby!

The third trimester is upon us!  Time to finish up nesting and soak up every minute with just Olivia.  I’m so excited to welcome a new babe to the family and see Olivia as a big sister.  I’m most looking forward to what a little brother will bring out in...Read More »

Spring Declutter

Spring is officially here next week! Time to declutter and organize! Yes, it can be an overwhelming task but there are ways to manage the chaos so you can be successful. Here are some tips to smoothly manage the process…

  1. It’s Going to Take Time: Don’t expect to complete your house...Read More »

To-Go Baked Oatmeal

I will forever + always love recipes that I can bake ahead of time and then enjoy as a grab-and-go snack. You can guarantee that almost everything I bake/cook is either going to be frozen to enjoy at a later date or serves our family for more than one meal....Read More »

Organizing Kids' Spaces

Kid’s spaces can quickly turn into an overwhelming mess. Here are some helpful ways to organize and maintain their space…

  • Build Routine: Build a routine for the kids to pick up the space at the same time every day – before naptime, after dinner, before bedtime. This will get...Read More »

Teaching Kids to be Organized

Organizing isn’t something that just comes to us; we learn and practice it. Therefore, it should be something that we teach our kids. Developing our children’s organizing skills will also benefit us! Over time, what we’re teaching them will become a habit and may ease daily stressors in our...Read More »

Olivia's TWO

Olivia turned two this past weekend!  We had a fun-filled weekend with special visits from family.  We spent our time exploring the city and eating all sorts of delicious food.  We planned to do something fun with family for her birthday but living in a small home felt it’d...Read More »

Four Steps to Organize Any Space

The same steps can always be taken for any organizing project. Whether it’s a small drawer or large closet, here are steps that will help manage the process.

1. Commit + Clear Out: Commit to one space at a time. Commit + complete so you avoid spreading overwhelming messes across...Read More »

Banana, Oat + Egg Pancakes

I’m always up for simple + quick recipes with minimal ingredients that are also healthy.  This one is all of that!  Olivia isn’t a big eater so I’m guilty of just sticking with food that I know she’ll eat.  I’ve been trying to offer more variety in...Read More »

Tips to Save Frustration + Money While Shopping

It’s no surprise that shopping with a child can be difficult: they’re usually squirming in the cart, successfully getting out (why is the buckle never tight enough?!), opening ALL the snacks, throwing your list on the ground and causing you to completely lose it along with your mind....Read More »

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies!

It was always a Valentine’s tradition to bake and ice sugar cookies with my mom growing up.  When I was in college she’d send me a box full – always a hit!  I’ve started the tradition with Olivia, although I saved a big mess by icing...Read More »